Before the Examination

Before the examination, we will explain the procedure and possible associated risks to you. We ask about your previous medical history in addition to previous surgeries and allergies, amongst others. 

If you suffer from claustrophobia, we can give you medication to calm you down to make the examination manageable, provided you are accompanied by a guardian afterwards. 

Directly before the examination, you will be asked to remove all metal-possessing objects- such as small change/coins, credit cards, watches, jewelry, keys, and hearing aids. The magnetic field can attract these materials and cause serious injuries. Also, the image quality will be reduced.

You should also therefore avoid clothing items such as pants with metal zippers, bras with underwires, jackets, vests, and hoodies/pullovers. You can usually leave pants on that have smaller metal buttons, as well as your other clothing and undergarments. 

f you are scheduled for a stress-MRI it is important that you do not consume any caffeinated foods or beverages 24 hours before your exam including coffee (even decaffeinated), black, green, or white tea, cocoa, or chocolate products as well as Coca-Cola and any energy drinks! 

You can take your medication (including Beta-blockers) as usual before the examination.