Patient Preparation

Patient Preparation for Adenosine stress-MRI

Dear Patients,

During the examination, an endogenous substance (Adenosine) is used. Its effects are blocked by caffeine and related substances. Therefore, patients are not allowed to drink coffee (even decaffeinated), tea, Coca-Cola, or eat/drink chocolate 24 hours before the examination. 

This is a very safe form of stress testing. For 2-3 minutes, unpleasant but harmless sensations may occur such as feeling of warmth, chest pain, headache, shortness of breath, or nausea. After the infusion ends, these effects subside in a matter of seconds. 

Medications (including Beta-blockers) can continue to be taken. Patients with a known cardiac arrythmia, called AV Block, should discuss the risks of the examination with their doctor beforehand. High-grade AV Blocks are contraindications for the examination. The same applies to patients with lung diseases who take sprays or medications containing Theophylline regularly. Asthma is an absolute contraindication. 

Preparation for Dobutamine stress-MRI

The preparation corresponds to that of a Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram.
Since classic ergometry cannot be carried out in an MRI scanner, physical exertion is simulated using Dobutamine. During this phase, the patient is monitored by doctors with an ECG and blood pressure measurements, and can express any complaints via loudspeakers at any time. 

Beta-Blockers (e.g. Metoprolol, Bisoprolol and others) must be paused beforehand, otherwise the necessary acceleration of the heart rate will pose a challenge. We recommend pausing the medication the day before and on the day of the examination, so the last tablet can be taken 2 days before the scheduled examination.  Please discuss this break with your physician beforehand. All other medications can continue to be taken. 

The examination itself takes approximately 30 minutes but because of general precautionary measures you should stay in our waiting room for about 1-2 hours afterwards. With further pulse- and blood assessments, we will make sure you have endured the examination well and safely.